Approach global and diversified

The main feature of our company is the complete and diversified approach used for each work, thanks to the consulting service that follows each operational phase, including those preceding the actual construction. The company uses advanced formulas of project financing and management of services, starting with the search for land, through the project budgeting and finishing with the downright construction.

The company’s experience is constantly enriched by the results we have achieved in the following sectors:

  • commercial;
  • hotel and hospitality;
  • high level residential buildings in urban areas;
  • innovative technologies for environmental recovery;
  • the recovery of urban areas according to new project criteria;
  • construction, renovation, restoration and completion;
  • renovation of refined buildings in historical centers for high value residential or commercial purposes;
  • construction of stadiums and sports complexes;
  • construction of eco-compatible buildings;
  • religious, for the construction of foundations and institutes;
  • sponsoring of cultural and artistic activities;

all this, in perfect harmony with everyday life.