Development on solid foundations

Costruzioni Generali Gilardi is based on well structured and diversified economic and human resources, on sophisticated and innovative technologies, as well as on high level operative supports. We are able to manage any type and size of projects in full autonomy both in the residential and in the industrial sector.
In addition, Costruzioni Generali Gilardi directs prestigious real estate companies which operate independently in the renovation field  and construction of commercial and residential buildings, ensuring a corporate diversification and expansion.
Over the last five years, the company has more then doubled its work capacity, another tangible confirmation of its constant development.
It is also important to highlight that the working activities mostly involve private enterprises and they are equally divided among residential, commercial and advanced tertiary projects.


Beyond borders 

In recent years (2011-2012) we have organized our company to be able to participate in bids abroad, in order to expand our business and to take some new opportunities according to our know how.
To this end, we are working in the construction of the Bukoba airport (Tanzania) and we are in the final negotiation phase for the construction of some football stadiums and their related infrastructure in Iraqi, on behalf of the Iraqi Ministry of Sport.


Experience certified and guaranteed

Costruzioni Generali Gilardi successfully completes all its projects, thanks also to the involvement of important and qualified direct resources.

Our certifications:

SOA – qualification certificate for the execution of public works in the following categories and amounts:

    • OG1 (civil and industrial buildings) CLASS. VIII, unlimited value
    • OG2 (restoration and maintenance of real estate under the protection of cultural and environmental heritage legislation) CLASS. V, value € 5,164,569
    • OG3 (roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, tramways, subways, cable railways, landing strips, and their relative complementary works) CLASS. IV, value € 2,582,284
    • OG11 (technological systems) CLASS. V, € 5,164,569

ISO 9001 - certification of quality management system  

ISO 14001 - certification of the environmental management system

BS OHSAS 18001- certification of occupational health and safety management system